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Year 8 Poetry inspired by Grace Nichols

Year 8 Poetry inspired by Grace Nichols

The Year 8 English set has been writing praise songs (a form of African poetry) inspired by the work of Grace Nichols, a poet whose writing features on the GCSE Literature syllabus.

We would love to share an example from one of the children who has shared her Praise Song about her teacher.

Praise Song for My Teacher

You are

a dictionary to me

compelling and fascinating and intriguing

You are 

the pen’s rich ink to me

fluent and capable and honest

You are 

an inspiration to me

tolerant and formidable and considerate

You are

an Aesop’s fable to me

a story to me

an English teacher to me

instructing, instructing

“Standards is my middle name!” you say.

Eliza, Year 8