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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my baby swim before being immunised?

Yes. You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It doesn't matter if they haven't yet completed their course of vaccinations.

Babies sometimes experience side effects after a vaccination. These are generally quite mild and shouldn't stop you taking your baby swimming.

However, babies who are feverish or irritable in the days or weeks after a vaccination may not feel up to swimming for a few days, so you may prefer to wait.

Please always seek medical advice before introducing your baby to swimming classes.

Please click here for NHS guidance and here for Government Immunisation details.

Coughs and colds, can we still come swimming?

If your child feels unwell then they should not swim, however common sense will help you make an informed decision.

Coughs and colds are inevitable, but unless your child has a temperature or their nose is at the runny stage, there is no reason why they should not go in the pool. Ensure the child is thoroughly dried and wrapped up well before leaving the pool.

I can't it safe for me to get in?

Yes. Many parents come to classes because they cannot swim or they are nervous in water and want their child to grow up with no fear (and a healthy respect) for water. Our pool is 1.05 in shallow end so you will always be able to touch the bottom. Our teacher is trained in helping nervous parents settle and relax in the water.

Do they have to go under?

Our lessons are child-led and your little swimmer will not be forced to take part in any activity they are not ready for. We are focused on your parent and child relationship; swimming together enhances your bonding and attachment during your swimming lesson. We do not participate in forced submersions. All our teachers are trained to recognise non-verbal cues from your little one and to ensure their aquatic journey is a fun and enjoyable one. We are there to support and promote your babies freedom to move in the water at the right time to enable their aquatic journey to flourish.

Is the pool cold?

Our pool temperature is maintained between 29 - 30oc which is a standard swimming pool temperature. We recommend that our little swimmers use baby wetsuits and full suits to keep them warmer especially during winter months and getting changed after swimming.

Do I have to go in too?

There must be one parent or guardian in the water with all our Baby classes. At the moment we can only accommodate one parent or guardian in the pool and on site.

What should I and my baby wear?

Please arrive with your swimwear under your clothes, children may be changed poolside.

You will need suitable swimwear (trunks / costume). Please bring yourself a towelling robe / towel to keep warm whilst getting your little one changed. Please bring along non slip footwear for poolside.

Your little one must wear a disposable swim nappy and a neoprene nappy (double nappy), if your toilet trained then suitable swimwear that fits well. Over the top of their double nappy they must wear a swim suit / baby wetsuit. Children with long hair must wear a swim cap.

Also bring them a towelling robe / hooded towel to keep warm after lessons.

To ensure our next class of swimmers enjoy their visit, can you please ensure you always take away your used nappies!

Where do we get changed after the lesson?

Please arrive with swimwear under your clothes. There are changing facilities, which are single sex changing  rooms, male and female for after the lessons. We do not have lockers available, so please do not bring any valuables poolside.

Can I feed my baby before we swim?

Your baby is less likely to enjoy swimming if they are tired or hungry. For breast or bottle-fed babies there is no problem feeding them before or after the class. For their digestive comfort and to prevent any regurgitation we advise half an hour before swimming.

For older babies on solids it’s best to leave it up to an hour before the class starts to prevent regurgitation in the water. 

Can more than one adult accompany my child in the pool?

Unfortunately due to ratios and Covid regulations only one adult may enter the pool.

Is there anywhere to park?

There is ample parking. If using a SAT NAV for directions to Mowden Hall, please use the following postcode: NE43 7TL

Parking: Once you have entered the school ground follow the long driveway through the grounds.  You will come to a crossroads and see the Main School Entrance on the left.  At this point turn right and the car park for customers is a short way down on the right-hand side and is signposted. From the Car Park, please follow signs for the Mowden Hall Swim School, please watch this short film to follow the route. Please call us if in doubt, 01661 842147.

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