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Year 7 Explore Wordsworth's Poetry

Year 7 Explore Wordsworth's Poetry

Year 7 has produced some excellent poetry inspired by Wordsworth's poem 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge'. They have been exploring a range of poetry exploring the city of London, looking at how description does more than merely describe but seeks to convey the writer's attitude and values. Here are a few examples of the Year 7 children's brilliant work...

Composed upon Westminster Bridge 

At Westminster Bridge,

Honking boats sail through the arched tunnels,

As water flows freely, like clouds drifting across the sky.

The cool water of the River Thames is glistening in the golden sun. 

Big Ben towers before her, ringing his tune out to the world.

Whilst the Houses of Parliament are filled with stiff-lipped politicians.

Westminster Bridge stands tall and strong, 

Though her reflection wriggles and wobbles in the ripples from the boats. 

Glorious smells from the bakery down the road greet me,

And, as I breathe in the fresh air, 

I am filled with a joy like no other

As my mouth embraces the warmth of a cheese toastie.

The colours of this scene cannot be equalled throughout all of London 

Noise from the city that never sleeps is drowned out

By the beauty that is Westminster Bridge.

It is heaven on earth, with pigeons as its angels. 

Elizabeth B

Composed upon Westminster Bridge 

In the distance, I can see the twinkling lights like flashing pin pricks

Upon the jet-black canvas of night. 

The strong silence is broken as Big Ben speaks, in ten long chimes. 

At this hour, London wears a different mask,

It seems so much more colourful, calm, and quiet.

A rush of excitement washes over me

As I take it all in.

I don’t know what to say first,

What to think first, where to look first-

The beauty surrounding me is breathtaking; sensational.

The glittering lights of London are reflected in the river

Like sparkling stars, glistening on its surface

The whole bridge is lit up and underneath me is the grandest theatre

Eloide B