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Year 5 Trip To The Bowes Museum

Year 5 Trip To The Bowes Museum

Having enjoyed the ballet interpretation of 'The Lost Happy Endings' at the Northern Stage last term, we have added another layer of challenge to our script-writing endeavour. We have adapted the story by replacing the witch ("Hello Deario!") with three brothers, who prize, above all else, their collections of curiosities. 

Where better to find inspiration for our setting and characterisation than 'The Bowes Museum'? Our guide, Susie, purposefully planned our visit around our play. We learned of the love between Joseph and Josephine, which led to their unique collection and to the building of the purpose-built museum to house it. We observed curiosities closely, picking out key words and patterns in order to understand their choices. We transferred our ideas onto the page via note-making, sketches and the use of photographic equipment, producing a cyanotype print which will be used to form part of the scenery for the production. 

We came away with a curious collection indeed: an abundance of ideas, images and words await their transformation, into our script and our very own museums - the 'Boxes of Curiosities' that will feature in the play's scenery.