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Year 2's Memorable Camping Adventure at Mowden Hall School

Year 2's Memorable Camping Adventure at Mowden Hall School

Year 2 children recently concluded their end-of-term activities with an exciting camping adventure on Park Field. While the teachers had initial concerns about organising a camp on one of the longest days of the year, the children's enthusiasm and the valuable lessons they learned made it a truly remarkable experience.

Upon arriving at Park Field, the Year 2 students eagerly pitched their tents, taking pride in their newfound camping skills. This hands-on experience fostered a sense of independence and responsibility as they learned to assemble their temporary shelters. The camping site allowed the children to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. They spent time exploring Tiddlers' Corner, a designated area with natural wonders and engaging educational activities that enhanced their understanding of the environment.

Sports played a significant role in the camping adventure, with cricket and football matches fuelling the children's competitive spirit. The campsite provided an ideal space for friendly matches, promoting teamwork, and encouraging fair play. Through these activities, the students learned the importance of collaboration, communication, and sportsmanship. They discovered the joys of friendly competition and developed valuable skills that extended beyond the campfire.

One of the highlights of the camping experience was the opportunity for the children to learn practical survival skills. The children took on various challenges that required them to rely on their problem-solving abilities and teamwork. From building shelters using available resources to identifying edible plants, the children embraced the role of survivors. They quickly learned to adapt to the natural environment!

As the camping adventure drew to a close, the Year 2 children took a moment to reflect on their time at Park Field. Despite the fatigue that inevitably accompanied a day filled with outdoor activities, the children unanimously agreed that the camp was an unforgettable experience. Lorena described the adventure as "awesome" and highlighted the valuable lessons learned about self-sufficiency, problem-solving, and friendship.

Year 2 can proudly look back on this camping adventure as a milestone in their educational journey, filled with fun, growth, and camaraderie.

Mrs Kirsten Knight, Head of Pre-Prep and Years 2 Teacher