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Woodland Week

Woodland Week

Children learn most effectively when they are interested and motivated by the activities they are engaged in. This was evident in the wide range of activities on offer to all the Pre-Prep children this week during our designated Woodland Week. Using our beautiful grounds to extend our learning, by being creative, inquisitive and curious, is a pleasure to witness, and has endless benefits for both children and teachers. 

Spending time outside is proven to have a positive effect on children’s physical and mental health. They can observe natural phenomena and have time to notice patterns and regularities. Venturing outside the classroom for a new learning experience is crucial for children to improve their self-esteem, and gives them the confidence to try something new. As with all lessons, outdoor learning helps develop many key skills. These include problem-solving, patience, resilience, independence, and confidence. Effective communication is also an essential skill, which can be utilised and developed effectively through outdoor learning. In addition, this method of learning is also perfect for giving children the opportunity to work as a team, which develops key skills such as turn-taking, listening and respecting the views of others.

As part of our Woodland Week celebrations of learning outdoors Gong Master Mary from Gong Song gave the Pre Prep classes sound baths. Lying listening to the sounds of the gongs, drums and bells, in the dappled sunshine was extremely relaxing. Afterwards each child was given the chance to play the instruments. A relaxing experience for all.

I do hope you found the Parents’ Curriculum Evening helpful, but please do not hesitate to ask any questions which may have occurred to you since that time.     


With best wishes, Mrs Kirsten Knight, Head of Pre-Prep