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What is neurodiversity ? And how do we raise awareness?

What is neurodiversity ? And how do we raise awareness?

At Mowden Hall, our commitment to recognising and valuing the diverse functioning of our pupils' brains is at the heart of our school philosophy. All staff have access to comprehensive training to stay well-informed about various neurodivergent conditions, including autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and others. Our specialist SEN department actively shares strategies to support and promote individual learning styles, encompassing communication and social interactions.

We have small class sizes, which allows us to really get to know the children and understand their strengths and weaknesses. In the classroom we offer a psychologically safe place, so that children feel valued and will ask for support if and when they need it. To do this we encourage staff to actively listen to what children are saying; use open body language and to be patient as students think, plan and respond to what they have been asked to do. We make the classroom accessible for all with visual timetables; and a range of resources and equipment available. Staff employ a range of different teaching and learning strategies, as all children will respond to different methods. 

Our goal is to provide holistic and individualised care to every pupil, and we achieve this by fostering collaborative relationships with parents and external agencies. This ensures that the support we offer is precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

To promote awareness of neurodiversity, we integrate dedicated sessions into our PHSEE curriculum, school assemblies, and events like World Mental Health Day and Childrens’ Mental Health Day, as well as our own Wellbeing Days. These initiatives encourage all our pupils to not only respect but also celebrate the differences that make each individual unique and special.

Excitingly, we are almost ready to open our new Well-being Hub. This dedicated space will serve as a quiet and calm sanctuary, available to all pupils. Complete with sensory details, the Well-being Hub aims to provide a supportive environment where students can access the resources they need. Together, our School Nurse (who is also our Mental Health Lead) and Assistant Head (Pastoral Care) will be on hand to offer additional support, ensuring that the Hub becomes a valuable asset in promoting the well-being of our diverse student body from age 2-13 years old, as well as our wonderful staff body.