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Pre-Prep Woodland Week

Pre-Prep Woodland Week

Abundant research confirms that interacting with nature nurtures children's creativity, promotes good health, raises vitamin levels, inspires problem-solving and builds confidence. Staff at Mowden Hall would support these findings through their experiences of working with the children in our grounds on a weekly basis. Nature can be both a playground and a classroom as well as a vast storehouse of things to eat and to build with. Some of a child’s early encounters with nature are rites of passage; discovering the joys of stomping and splashing in puddles, or releasing a cloud of fluffy parachutes by blowing on a thistle head. With these discoveries come lessons, such as what happens when the puddle is deeper than your wellies, the bliss of a ripe blackberry as well as the prickle of thorns. There is no need to convince anybody the value of identifying a dock leaf once they have been stung by a nettle. There are many positive interactions with nature that can benefit children throughout their life if they are encouraged from a young age to be open to the journey. 

Woodland Week in Pre Prep has been another example of how staff  plan creative, inspirational learning for your children, we are sorry you were unable to join us this year. 

 Kirsten Knight

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