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News from the Pre-Prep

News from the Pre-Prep

It seems fitting to dedicate this week’s newsletter to those who will be leaving our Pre-Prep family at the end of this week. My first farewell is to our Year 2 children, who have been a particularly fabulous group. They have made excellent individual progress during their time in the Pre-Prep, and have shown themselves to be very strong as a social unit. The longest serving members of the class have been with us for five years whilst some have only been here for one year. However, regardless of the length of time that they have been a member of our community, they have all contributed to it in their own unique way. There are children who have been great leaders in inspiring ideas both inside and outside the classroom, children who have shone on the sports field or in the Arts, children who have been a huge asset to staff with their helpfulness, and children who have been great role models for their kindness and consideration of others. 

The end of this week also marks the end of a journey for many Pre-Prep families and so my second farewell is to them. I have had the pleasure of seeing some of these children grow into the confident, happy children they are today. The relationships we build with the families of the children are so important and I feel proud we do this well. I would like to thank all of the families who have come to the end of their Pre-Prep journey for the loyalty, support and friendship they have shown to us over the duration of their child’s time with us.

My final farewell is to Mrs Susan Flynn, who has worked alongside us in the Pre-Prep for six  years. In this time, she has had a fantastically positive impact on the lives of many children, their families as well as colleagues in ways they will remember for the rest of their lives. She has always shown tireless enthusiasm for supporting and directing the children’s learning, hooking even the most reluctant child to wonder and dream. Her ability to see each child as a unique person and to encourage their talents and strengths is inspirational. Her kindness, compassion and sound advice have lit up our school. To each and every one of those who we are saying farewell to, they have played a part, whether large or small, in our history and will be remembered fondly for all they have contributed, which has inevitably helped us grow to be the strong, vibrant and happy place we are today. We hope they won’t be strangers and will come back now and then to let us know about their new adventures.                                                                                                            

Wishing you all a fabulous summer holiday!               

Kirsten Knight