Mowden Hall School

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Mowden Rocks!

Mowden Rocks!

Some of our pupils have created these wonderful coloured pebbles during and Art activity called ‘Mowden Rocks’!

These pebbles signify Mowden Hall School’s Aims and Ethos. Each coloured pebble is linked to one of our schools aims. The pebbles will be taken out of Mowden Hall by a pupil, left on a pathway or somewhere for someone else to find. Then whoever is lucky enough to come across one of the pebbles, should hopefully take a photograph of it in situ and post on one/all of our social media pages. They must then move the pebble on to another spot for the next lucky person to find. We will hopefully watch Mowden Hall’s Aim and Ethos pebbles travel as far as they can! 

These pebbles also promote our thorough, varied and highly developed PSHEE curriculum. All of our pupils from Reception to Year 8, are involved in some form of PSHEE education daily at Mowden Hall School. Especially ‘Self Care’ where the pupils exercise, read for fun, eat nutritious meals, relax, learn about stress management, be outdoors and get involved in pastoral initiatives.