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Inter-House Prep School Academic Challenge

Inter-House Prep School Academic Challenge

Inter-House Academic Challenge

The Spring Term saw the introduction of the inter-house academic challenge. This is a general knowledge quiz, involving two competitions - one for the seniors (Years 6 to 8) and one for the Juniors (Years 3 to 5). The format is loosely based on the TV show University Challenge, with starter questions, which are on the buzzers, and bonus questions, which the team can confer on before giving their answers. If a team does not get their bonus questions correct, the opposing team has the chance to steal the points. The cumulative scores for both competitions across the two terms - Spring and Summer - will be added together to find the overall winning house. 

The first match saw Bewick Seniors go up against Collingwood. This was a close contest with both teams doing well on both starter and bonus questions, and a high standard of knowledge was on show. The final score was 270 points for Collingwood, against 250 points for Bewick. It is fair to say that Jonny N’s knowledge of The Lord of the Rings probably swayed the victory Collingwood’s way, as they were able to steal all three bonus questions on that round.

Next it was the turn of Grey and Stephenson’s seniors to face each other. This was another close match, but Grey managed to pull ahead in the final few minutes and ran out as winners with 210 points to Stephenson’s 120.

The first match in the junior competition was between Bewick and Collingwood. The children who took part showed incredible knowledge for their age and it was a very high scoring match. Bewick were eventual winners, with 360 points to Collingwood’s 240.

Going into the final match of the term, Bewick had a combined total of 610 points from their two matches, while Collingwood had 510. The junior game between Grey and Stephenson was a bit of a one-sided affair, and Grey’s juniors demonstrated excellent all round general knowledge. They ended the match on 510 points, while Stephenson scored 190. This means that Grey are the current leaders, with a combined total of 720, while Stephenson have a combined total of 310.

Next term will see Bewick take on Stephenson and Collingwood take on Grey, before the overall winners will be announced at the end of the term.