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Handwriting Competition

Handwriting Competition

This week has been one in which all of our children have focused on handwriting. From Reception to Year 8 inclusive, the children have been tasked with presenting a selected piece of prose or poetry in their best handwriting. Whilst technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the traditional act of writing with a pen should not be forgotten. Writing by hand has many cognitive benefits. Handwriting reinforces our children’s reading and language processing skills. Furthermore, it forms a unique and irreplaceable part of our culture: handwriting styles are unique to the individual and something which simply cannot be replicated with a keyboard. At Mowden, we place a strong emphasis on modernity with tradition.

We are thrilled to announce the winners and runners-up...

Handwriting Competition 2022 Results


Selected Text



Year 8

First Sight by Philip Larkin


Eliza R

Phoebe M

Year 7

Composed upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth

Isla S-K

Bridie H

Year 6

Leisure by W. H. Davies


Alba L

Eleanor F

Year 5

Beowulf by Anon.


Ronald L 

Ben S

Year 4

The Eagle by Alfred Tennyson


Tasha F

Edward S

Year 3

Betty Met a Yeti, by John Nesbitt


Harry G


Oliver H

Year 2

The Duck and the Kangaroo by Edward Lear 


Henry W


Harriet S

Year 1

Snow Kisses by Barbara Vance 


Emily A

Isabella Mc


Winter Winter by Nicolette Lennert


Annie S

Penelope C