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From Ice Skating to Electrifying Workshops

From Ice Skating to Electrifying Workshops

On Thursday, November 30th, Year 4 embarked on an educational excursion to the Centre for Life. The day commenced with an enjoyable ice skating session on the facility's ice rink, setting a festive tone for the activities ahead.

Subsequently, we entered the centre and attended a brilliant science show focused on the intriguing similarities between fire and water. Following an early lunch, the students gathered in the planetarium for an enlightening lesson on celestial bodies and the wonders of the stars.

The itinerary then allowed for exploration of the Space and construction area, which proved to be an educational experience for all. Later, we ascended to the workshop titled 'Electrifying Newcastle,' strategically designed as a preparatory session for our upcoming exploration of the electricity topic in the Spring Term!

During the workshop, students actively engaged in hands-on activities, creating circuits with bulbs and motors. Additionally, they delved into the integration of solar panels and wind turbines within circuits.

Overall, the day was a resounding success!!