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Creative Writing - Year 7

Creative Writing - Year 7

This week, Year 7 studied the poem 'Adlestrop' by Edward Thomas and used his work as a stimulus for writing about a place that remains seared on their memory.

Port de Pollenca

Yes, I remember Port de Pollenca

Cycling along the beach in the salty wind

The dark ocean stretching  forever

Dotted with  hundreds of boats; framed by mountains

Yes, I remember it well

So humid

So beautiful 

So tranquil

Where the sun blinds the sand

Where the seagulls fly overhead

Where the fish dart and glide

And the people grace the Pine Walk

No better place exists

It fills my heart with joy 

Forever more

I  will remember Port de Pollenca



By William Belgian


Yes, I remember Singapore city --

That humid summer’s afternoon   

As I stepped off the stuffy plane

Smelling the foreign air. 

The first day, spent by the pool, 

In water that splashed and swirled

As I swam; watching the tiny cars

Race past the towering skyscrapers.

The second night, touring Singapore Garden... 

The most beautiful place now locked in my memory.

Colossal domes filled with trickling waterfalls were lit by glowing lights

And a young married couple were taking wedding photos.

The third night we went on safari.

Tropical creatures of all kinds roamed their enclosures, 

Their vivid eyes peered at every corner of the zoo, scanning their territory.

Plants, so brightly coloured, decorated the walls with bushy leaves and tropical smells.

The fourth and final night was spent touring the city itself.         

So very, very clean. Soaring buildings reached for the skies.

Raffles Hotel - oh the bar; scattered peanut shells littered the floor. 

So famous, so luxurious, so opulent!

Yes, I remember Singapore city.

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by Charlie Ball