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Boarders' Weekend Delight: Fun Under the Sun

Boarders' Weekend Delight: Fun Under the Sun

We have had a delightful inaugural weekend welcoming back our boarders. Benefiting from the splendid weather, we indulged in an extended session of slip 'n' slide, significantly elongating its usual course. Navigating to the far end of the slide presented a thrilling challenge, and they relished the exhilarating, soapy experience along the way.

Subsequently, we convened for a Mowden barbecue feast that surpassed conventional fare, featuring succulent lamb kofta kebabs, substantial beef patties, and delectable chicken and vegetable skewers. Mr. Donkin's homemade chili relish and refreshing mocktails, accompanied by lemonade chasers, enhanced the culinary experience.

As the sun descended, our boarders returned to the Main School, where they were entertained with the Rugby World Cup or a cinematic screening, complemented by servings of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, prior to retiring for the night.

Sunday marked another outstanding day for our boarders, who ventured to The North East Wake Park for an exhilarating inflatable adventure and thrilling "Ringo" rides on the lake. The children enthusiastically reported their experiences as "epic" and "awesome," echoing their collective sentiment that the day had been exceptionally enjoyable.

Fortuitously, we managed to elude the severe storms that afflicted the northeastern region, encountering them only on our return journey. The children responded to the tempestuous weather with spirited renditions of songs, displaying their unwavering enthusiasm.

As always, it brings us immense gratification to witness the sheer delight our boarders derive from such weekends of enjoyment.

Miss Leonie Serbrock
Head of Boarding