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Boarders' Spooky Weekend

Boarders' Spooky Weekend

The boarders had a surprise Halloween celebration this weekend given that it will officially fall during half term 

As it began to grow dark in and around the school, some creepy events began to unfold. The Gaps students could not be found. Set off to look for them, the pupils scaled the school in the dark. 

As they approached a darkened corridor, terrifyingly eerie sounds could be heard. There, stood before them was a masked Mr. Musha murderer with a vast array of (fake) weapons! 

Without any communication other than a scary point of a finger, the boarders were instructed to bowl a pumpkin to knock over a stack of ghosts. The spooky ghosts were difficult to knock over especially with the odd shape of the pumpkin! 

Mr Grant was found crazily wandering the theatre. He took on the look of a classic ‘killer clown‘ with a grim smile. The scene was set with flashing coloured lights to mimic a crazy circus scene. In full character he instructed the boarders to throw beanbags into the ‘gateway to the underworld’ . Some were successful others were not so lucky! 

Next to be located was Miss Mac, a vampire who had hidden in a dark classroom. She couldn’t resist using a vampire style cape, creating a spooky look using face paint. Miss Mac’s challenge for the boarders was to attempt to eat ring donuts threaded on string without them falling to the ground. Eyes wide, they set upon their feast! 

Last but not least, a spooky black and white wig and a central face piece of a warted witches nose welcomed the boarders with a wry smile as they found Miss Gibson. A traditional witches hat decorated with netting and trapped spiders formed the inspiration for her challenge which turned into a round of pin the spider on the web, blindfolded of course! 

Following their trick or treating, the boarders sat down in a dining room which had been transformed into a ghastly graveyard. Rats, spiders, big black crows and bats surrounded the tables eerily eyeing up the tasty treats (yes, I’m talking about the boarders!). The terrifying sound and lighting effects of thunder and lightening created a scene for a gruesome meal of charred finger rolls (Hot dogs), nail clippings (fried onions) and shrunken faces (carved into roast baby potatoes). The boarders washed their meals down with the worm and eyeball infested bats blood (Blackcurrant) served in their very own skull glass, given to them as a momentum of the memorable madness. 

The evening was embraced with good humour and the boarders were even ‘tricked’ by Mr. Martin and Mrs. Martin and a werewolf! 

For more photos from the weekend click below.