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Boaders' Weekend - Mexican Madness

Boaders' Weekend - Mexican Madness

Year 5 had an evening of "Mexican Madness" on Saturday with sombreros, ponchos and some very interesting (if not very premature) facial hair transforming us all ready for a night of delicious Mexican food such as tacos loaded with Mexican spiced mince, nachos with melted cheese and some really tasty guacamole and salsa made by some keen boarding volunteers. An impromptu competitive vibe arose when some chopped jalapenos were put out on offer and there were some very keen children ready to sample them (some for the first time)! 

After a themed quiz, the children were blindfolded and spun, ready to pulverise the pinatas hanging colourfully from the doorway. Sweets scattered everywhere as they were bashed to the floor! Mrs Kay and Miss Percy led two groups in a Mowden style Mexican hat dance and the children shook maracas along to the music. Such a great, fun evening was had by all!

On Sunday, the children enjoyed a delicious breakfast of croissants with chocolate spread and hot chocolate before playing and enjoying time in the grounds. After a superb roast dinner, we went to Inflatespace where they bounced and jumped and climbed until they were ready to drop! It has been a wonderful weekend with lots of laughter and fun. 

- Miss Leonie Serbrock, Head of Boarding