Mowden Hall Art Department

The importance of Art within the school curriculum is essential.

It provides the children the opportunity to develop a set of life skills that are applicable to every stage of life’s journey both in the world of work and in the world we live in now and in the future.

Art and Design offers our children:
  • Fun!
  • Development  of concentration skills
  • Study skills, resilience and tenacity in problem solving
  • A visual language to promote increased communication
  • Improves motor skills
  • Opportunities to interpret and respond to the world around them
  • Opportunities for individual thought and decision making
  • Tolerance and understanding when learning about other cultures and beliefs
  • An appreciation of diversity and difference
  • Transferable skills of creativity, intellectual and aesthetic awareness and reflective practice.

The Art and Design Department at Mowden Hall School provides pupils with the confidence, knowledge and skills that they need in order to embark on a broad spectrum of challenging, stimulating and enjoyable, creative experiences.  The department’s home is a large, airy and well equipped studio in the ‘Stable Yard’ area of school. The Head of Department, Mrs Emily Belshaw is a specialist trained Art teacher and teaches the children from Year 3 through to Year 8, although she coordinates the subject throughout the school. Mrs Belshaw designs all schemes of work on local and national exhibitions each academic year.

All pupils have the opportunity to study and experience drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, printing, clay, sculpture, graphics, photography, digital media and textiles. To accommodate some of these disciplines the department has its own cameras, sewing machines, printing press and pottery kiln. Each Year the Art Department organises gallery visits for all year groups travelling as far as London, Edinburgh and South Yorkshire in order for the children to experience the work of others and to foster an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and times.

To enhance the ceramic work a specialist potter visits the school and runs clubs for both the Pre- Prep and Prep School children. In addition to these clubs there are Art clubs on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, and on Monday evenings for Art scholars. The Art room also has an open door policy, available to all during lunch times and after school. Everyone is welcome and the emphasis is definitely placed on fun! There are plenty of competitions every term (and some holiday ones too!) where children can win some fantastic prizes and earn points for their House.

For those children who are gifted and talented, and have a desire to pursue the subject at a higher level, there is an Art Programme in place to support their development. This consists of extra, dedicated Art Room time, regular workshops run by specialist artists and designers.


For more photos of the children’s artwork click here


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