Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster and family

We all know that young people today face pressures that educational leaders never experienced during their school days. As pupils nationally are driven to fly higher, it is vital that schools and families do as much as they can to strengthen the wings needed to keep them in flight. Educators must look several decades ahead: the society in which we want those currently in our care to thrive will be very different to the society we know today. Today, we must prepare young people to rise to challenges we cannot fully imagine.

The white water of growing up is hard enough to steer through at the best of times. The best way to allow a child to fulfil their potential is to throw them into as many real, collaborative experiences as possible. The obvious point to make about a good school life is that it will take you outside as often as not, for physical, psychological and spiritual reasons – and this is what we passionately endorse at Mowden Hall. Education should not start and stop at the classroom door.

At Mowden, we believe that everyone can, and will, improve. Without exploration and freedom of expression, children will not be developing resilience and a sense of self. Our school focuses on kindness to others, something I believe should permeate every member of a school’s community from support staff, teachers and leaders through to the very hearts of the pupils themselves.

Rather than encouraging us to cling to the past, tradition and experience should make us look back, evaluate, consider and then develop what we do. Change brings with it glorious opportunities. We are not afraid of change at Mowden Hall and constantly strive for excellence in all areas.

Education is a complex web of opportunities and priorities, yet our aim is to create an environment in which pupils are willing and inspired to take these risks, imagine the unimaginable and exploit unknown territories. After all, great things never came from within comfort zones.

There is nothing in the universe, without exception, that is not interesting if looked at from the right angle. Especially people. Everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story. Every conversation is a chance to learn something new.

A visit to Mowden Hall will reveal the School’s happy, purposeful atmosphere. My wife, Nici, and I would be delighted to welcome you to the School and introduce you to our best ambassadors – our pupils – who will tell you for themselves about their lives at Mowden Hall.

Neal Bailey