Year 8 Play: Escape from the Wasteland

Year 8 performed with great confidence and skill in their major drama production in the Mowden Theatre. Terrific songs with powerful solos added to the magic of the performance as “good” and “evil” characters from the world of literary fiction presented themselves to an appreciative audience. Nimbly leading us through the plot were two writers, who had lost their way with the well known and greatly loved personalities from past publications, such as Dennis the Menace and his joke-telling dog, Gnasher; Cruella de Vil, with her splendid introduction song; Superwoman, Roy of the Rovers, Medusa, Hermione Granger and many others, including Robin Hood, riding through the Glen. Abenazar from Aladdin also sang with gusto. Costumes, make-up, lighting and music all contributed enormously to this splendid production, which the large audience enjoyed enormously from start to finish.

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