Year 7 Pantomime “Three Kings go to the Orient”

Glancing through the Mowden Arts website at the weekend, I noticed an unfortunate omission: there was no mention of the Year 7 Christmas Show, Three Kings go to the Orient, which generated such fun and entertainment for both actors and audience on the penultimate Friday of last term. If you were there, you will know what I mean, but if you weren’t then please take time to look through the fine collection of photographs taken by Mike Spencer during rehearsals. You’ll see a curious mixture of Fairy Godmothers, pictures of a zany show entitled ‘Three Kings Go to the Orient’, magic, a clutch of pantomime villains and a host of cameo roles enthusiastically played, sung and mimed by the Year 7 team: and it was a great team effort. Margaret Robeson’s songs for both chorus and soloists perfectly complemented the text, as did Sir Michael Fowlds and his original music so deftly performed on the night. Glenn Morrill’s imaginative work on visuals and slides helped to raise the whole play, allowing the audience to move from the Metro Radio Arena to Heathrow, Egypt and back in the flick of an IT switch: the costumes by Leone Serbrock were pretty good too. Enjoy. SRH

To see photos click here

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