Year 7 day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Year 7’s Art Gallery Trip was to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Tuesday. They spent the day working alongside a professional artist, who led a tour round certain exhibits in the morning session. The focus was “the head” and “the body.” One challenge was to draw Hepworth’s “Family of Man”, without seeing what they were drawing, by placing the paper and clipboard above their heads. Each was given clay to make a model of the Head seen across the Lake. Over lunch, children were asked to think of nouns, adjectives and a number, which were to reappear later…

After lunch, they created group sculptures, for which each group was assigned a noun, adjective and number, selected at random from the ones chosen earlier. The adjective and nouns decided what the sculpture would represent, while the number related to the number of elements they could use in the work. As the work progressed, the children were asked to move to different groups, changing the group dynamics all the time, making the task a lot harder. A great day out for all.

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