Week 3 at Chateau de Sauveterre

On the third weekend at Sauveterre, many families came out to take their Sauveterrien children out for the weekend and, as a extra surprise, Pepe appeared too, to take Cayetana out! It was Mr Stacchini’s birthday on Friday and he had a special surprise too. The first Mowden children to volunteer to go on an exchange set off for Toulouse and returned with very positive reports of their time en famille. On Saturday, those who were left went to the Petits As de Tennis de Tarbes, where the semi fnals of the World under 14 boys and girls tennis players were being played. There are some great photos on the Sauveterre website of that day. One of the local towns, Samatan, has been visited a lot this week, with a group visiting the primary school, some exploring the town and on Wednesday, the whole school went to the cinema to watch a new French Film Animé called Sahara. This was followed by a delicious crêpe at Le Marshall and a play around on the beach at Samatan Lake.

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