The Year 8 Play: The Ghost Walks Again

Half term begins with a lavish SRH production in which the North-East meets detectives, murder, mystery, ghosts and devious plots. Opening at the Newton WI, where a group of mature ladies meet to follow a course in “Practical Detection.” Their attepts at sleuthing lead them to sites of past criminal events around the area and eventually to the scene of a gruesome murder on what is locally known as the Newcastle to Haltwhistle “Ghost Train.” The supposed murder victim, Wullie the Phantom Piper, makes a terrifying appearance to the railway passengers! The plot moves on to the home of Brian and Sharon MacBeth, whose revolting cheese scones are legendary and cause further murder and mayhem to occur as the play reaches its conclusion. The songs and incidental music written and directed by Margaret Roberson and Mick Fowlds add great flavour to SRH’s production as do the fabulous scenery, effects, lighting and acting.

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