The 2017 Handwriting Competition

The 2017 Handwriting Competition

A week after the Junior Creative Writing competition was judged by Mrs Solly, the results of the annual Handwriting competition were announced at the end of the Monday morning assembly: the Winners will receive Lamy pens (which are currently on order) and certificates were awarded to those scribes who had been commended for entries which came close to winning, and to those who had made a particular effort with their writing task. Handwriting remains an important part of the English curriculum and, during the last ten days, every pupil in the school spent time during lessons carefully copying out a selected text in their very best writing. The texts were as follows: Year 8 was set ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’, by William Wordsworth, a sonnet admiring the city informed by the poet’s love of nature and a nice comparison with John Clare’s use of the sonnet form in ‘The Mouse’s Nest’ recently studied in class; Year 6 copied out Shelley’s ‘Ozymandias’, a link with one of 6M’s ‘Northern Legends’ to be performed next Friday in the school theatre. Year 5 was set a PHSE-related poem, entitled ‘Friends’ by Abbie Farwell-Brown and Year 4 a poem by A. A. Milne, called ‘Tails’.


 Judged internally by the English Department, the Winners were:

Year 8: A. Cowie

Year 6: M. Charlton

Year 5: S. Collingwood

Year 4: E. Benson

Those who received a Commendation:

Year 8: J. Gibson

Year 6: S. Charlton

Year 5: I. Dinsdale

Year 4: K. Collingwood   

Effort certificates were awarded to:

Year 8: P. Henry

Year 6: C. Hoy

Year 5: A. Goodheart and F. Maxwell Macdonald

Year 4: A. Zuch and T. Commercial

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