Summer Fete

Mowden Hall recently held its first Summer Fete for many years and it was a wonderful day for everyone at the school. There were parents, children teachers and staff from throughout all areas of the school and many visitors who came along too. As the Mowden Marathon was underway, we could watch the runners passing through the area all afternoon too. There was a huge range of stalls, including games of skill, throwing, kicking, bowling, climbing etc and some that were pure fun, like the bouncy castle or soaking the headmaster in the stocks! There were tasty things to buy from stalls like the Year 4 ice cream stall (Thanks to Vallum for their help,) the South African Barbecue and the famous French Café, run by Monsieur Debil and his team of staff and French waiters.

Huge thanks must go to everyone who helped to run the stalls, organise the day and set up or clear up all the equipment needed.

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