Mowden has a strong sporting tradition. High standards of coaching and good facilities enable the children to develop impressive skills. There are excellent playing fields, a sports hall with facilities for a variety of sports, an indoor heated swimming pool, and a hard court area. In addition to Physical Education lessons, all children in the Prep School take part in at least five games lessons a week, lasting roughly sixty minutes, throughout the school year.

Boys’ and girls’ teams compete regularly, and Mowden has an excellent record in inter-school matches. Matches are generally played on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the school year, with other mid-week matches from time to time. We value games highly as we believe sport encourages confidence, builds self-esteem, teamwork and a sense of fair play, as well as helping to develop the full physical potential of each child.

For boys, the main winter games are rugby and football, with hockey, swimming and cross-country running also coached. In summer, tennis and athletics are offered in addition to cricket and swimming.

For girls, the winter sports are hockey and netball, in addition to cross country, the biathlon and swimming. In summer, athletics, tennis and rounders are coached, as well as swimming.

Mowden Hall School now has an all-weather sports pitch in order to enhance the existing facilities.  This will ensure that all of our pupils have access to an excellent standard of sporting facilities throughout the year.

As well as competitive team sports, the Sports Department promotes a sport-for-all attitude, actively including those pupils who consider themselves to be less athletic and ensuring they also have the opportunity to represent the school and develop their potential. The department is also conscious of the contribution it can make to the local sporting community. This partnership is seen most obviously in the shared use with Newton Cricket Club and the large number of pupils who play for local cricket clubs, Tynedale Rugby Club and have represented the county and region for both sports.


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