Screen Time?

Once again the issue of electronics and young children has reached the headlines. I feel very strongly that research into this area must be listened to. According to leading Doctors parents are being advised not to allow children to take phones and other electronic devices into their bedrooms or use them during mealtimes. After discussion with the children at Mowden, it is apparent that many children go to sleep with an electronic device in their bedroom and are waking up early to play on them. The watching of YouTube is an area of great concern as many parents are unaware of exactly what content the children can access. Research has shown excessive use can hamper your child’s cognitive development, can build obsession leading to agitation, could delay physical development, restrain social development and increase the risk of obesity. Eye strain, neck and back pain as well as radiation risks are all medical concerns. With our Spring days lengthening and the prospect of a week’s holiday, perhaps we should all take more time to analyse exactly how much time our children are spending on electronic devices and maybe we would all sleep better and benefit from bedrooms free from electronics – myself included!  

Kirsten Knight

Head of the Pre-Prep

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