Sauveterre morning at the Market

L’Isle Jourdain Market

The Sauveterre term is well and truly underway now. We had a good journey out and after a first day of tough tests and mixed weather, it was a delight to wake up to bright sunshine and blue skies, for our first outing of the term. First we said a sad farewell to Mrs Morrill, who helped bring the group out to France and who was a great help settling everyone in to their new life. She set off back to Mowden after breakfast.
At the market, the mission was to work in pairs. Each pair had to make a list of as many French things they could see at the market that began with the same first letters of their own names. The winning pair were Cayetana and Willa with 57 French words! The other task was to buy something unusual for no more than 2€bros. All kinds of interesting items were brought forward, from horse-radishes to stuffed chicory, oysters and coconut cubes, but the winner by a unanimous and immediate staff vote was Matthew Walton and his partner, who bought a plastic solar-powered dancing duck!! It was considered a perfect symbol of the Gers, ecological with its solar power, funny and original! Well done Matthew!

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