Physical Education and Games seeks to offer opportunities for children to:
  • Become skilful and intelligent performers
  • Acquire and develop skills, performing with an increasing physical competence and confidence in a broad range of physical activities and contexts
  • Learn how to select and apply skills and tactics
  • Develop their ideas in a creative way
  • Set targets for themselves and compete against others in a healthy environment
  • Understand what it takes to succeed
  • Acknowledge others success
  • Make informed decisions about the importance of exercise in their lives
  • Have fun!

Within the Department, we aim to promote good health and fitness, and for pupils to develop an understanding of the place of physical activity in everyday life. They are encouraged to participate fully in all forms of physical activity and to develop those qualities, which allow the individual to become a competent, well-balanced person. We attempt to nurture a sense of responsibility and create the opportunities for students to make decisions and develop an awareness and appreciation of expression within activity.

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