National Story Telling Week 2017

National Story Telling Week

As part of our National Story-telling Week celebrations, Years 4, 5 and 6 have been preparing some favourite stories to tell to the Pre-Prep children in their Library lessons.  There have been dormitory, stationery cupboard and even school kitchen raids…to ensure the stories are brought to life.  We have even had to think about how to create a bath tub in the library! The children have been challenged to think about the nature of story-telling as a performance art, working hard to interact with their young audience, and, in some cases to follow their lead! Copy-cats, endangered lizards, dancing giraffes and dinosaurs have visited the library…creating an atmosphere that finds me sitting here, listening to the whisper of their story-telling magic and laughter, long after the children have left.


For photos of our story telling week so far click here.

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