Mrs Knight’s Mowden Manners

Perfecting our table manners are an important part of Mowden Hall Pre-Prep. In the media there is much evidence of the necessity to feed our children healthy food, but I believe it is just as important to concentrate on how we eat.
At school, we encourage the children to enjoy sitting with their friends from different classes and encouraging them to make conversation with those around them. Holding their knife and fork in their hands correctly enables them to build up their fine motor skills and results in much less mess! Using a napkin for unavoidable traces of curry and asking for items to be passed, rather than reaching across and spilling their glasses of water, are all good lessons to learn.
We only model positive comments about our food, which has been so thoughtfully prepared for us. I read in a paediatric report that using manners at the table is all about taming our impulses, and because willpower and self-restraint are recognised predictors of success in life, they’re worth nurturing.
Bon appetit! Mrs Knight (Head of Pre-Prep)

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