Mowden Hall School Reading Competition

Congratulations to the five winners of the Mowden Hall Reading Competition 2016
Year 8
Extracts from Exodus by Julie Bertagna
Adjudicator: Mr Weldon
Finalists: Jack G, Daisy R, Freya C, Cecilia W, Violet M, Magnus H
Winner: Magnus

Year 7
Humorous Poems from the 20th Century
Adjudicator: Mr Morris
Finalists: Molly R, Theodore S, Matthew W, Fenella H
Winner: Molly

Year 6
Extracts from Smith, by Leon Garfield
Adjudicator: Mr Spencer
Finalists: Nancy N, George N, Charlie H, Monty A, Georgia G
Winner: Charlie

Year 5
Extracts from The Tulip Touch, by Anne Fine
Adjudicator: Mrs Blissett
Finalists: Isla Dinsdale, Octavia B, Kitty C, Scarlett S
Winner: Isla

Year 4
The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll
Adjudicator: Mrs Knight
Finalists: Thomas Johnston, Thomas Jones, Isabella F, Hannah C, Keira C, Eliza B
Winner: Eliza

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