Mathematics is all around us, we use it every day.

Why does knowing 36 x 17 = 612 help us to work out 18 x 17 or 3.6 x 0.17 or 36 x 34 ?

At Mowden Hall, the maths team work together to enable pupils to understand how mathematics works and ultimately how to explain and adapt it to different situations.  Within maths lessons work comes in the form of written exercises, mental exercises, work facilitated with ICT or through practical experimentation and games.

Our expectations are high and we encourage pupils to take a pride in their work.

Maths starts in Reception with the use of Numicon and builds through a solid base of differentiated teaching. In Year 4 children are taught Mathematics by a dedicated form teacher in small classes, enhanced by additional in-depth class support via a classroom assistant. Ability sets are introduced from Year 5 and extra help, both in the classroom and on a one-to-one basis, is always available. Ultimately pupils are well prepared for Common Entrance, scholarship or Senior School examinations.

Throughout their time at Mowden Hall our pupils develop the skills to ensure that their work is well laid out with clear workings; they understand the concepts of Logic, Algorithms, Decomposition, Patterns, Abstraction and Evaluation.

The pupils are taught how to use equipment well and as they progress through the school they are gradually given more flexibility over their choice of which method to use.

Our overall aim is to ensure that Mowden Hall offers pupils the opportunity to:
  • Enjoy learning mathematics and understand its applications within other subjects
  • Be confident with their ability, develop perseverance and a positive approach
  • Be able to judge and apply appropriate methods to solve problems, checking and presenting solutions clearly.

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