Maths Trail

Last week saw the first ever Maths Trail or did we really mean Maths trial, in the Pre-Prep. Year 3, their parents and friends took on the challenge of solving lots of Maths questions together. We were delighted with the positive feedback we received. One parent wrote, “my child was super excited in the days leading up to the actual event and discussed it non stop with us. It was a great ‘Maths lesson’ and had the added bonus of us doing it together. It’s not always easy to undertake ‘school work’ at home, as a parent and child, sometimes the dynamics create a frustrating half hour for both of us. This was an ingenious fun way for us to do something ‘school work related’ together and I wish to thank you both for the opportunity. The enthusiasm and effort that you put into our children, teaching them that learning is fun and rewarding, is much appreciated. Looking forward to many more trails and treasure hunts together.” With half term approaching I know many of you will be enjoying spending time together with your families. Experience has shown that children can achieve well at school when their family and friends take an interest in their school and schoolwork. Getting involved in your child’s education, even in the simplest way, shows that you care about their school life. Often, the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively they will learn at school. Thank you for all your support in helping your children develop a positive attitude towards learning.


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Kirsten Knight, Head of Pre-Prep

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