Maths Challenge 2016

On Thursday 17th March Mowden Hall School welcomed Mr Douglas Buchanan, from DCBeagle Challenges, to Mowden Hall School.  He had come to run a series of workshops in the morning and a challenge for us in the afternoon.

The workshops in the morning for Years 3, 4 and 5.  They all enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about the year 2016 in numbers and grouped together in their birthday months. Chess was a hot topic!  There was a fun session of creating flower petals with counters- predicting the number of counters in a flower with circles around.  We played 21 with addition sums sticking or gambling and dice games including mental addition and subtraction. We finished with a directional game with angles.


In the afternoon we welcomed a number of schools to Mowden bringing with them groups of Year 6 mathematicians.  They had been invited to take part in a Challenge afternoon.  The gym was a hive of activity with lots of noise and heads down as the pupils tried to solve the problems.  The children taking part thoroughly enjoyed all that was on offer.

The first round was called ‘Find the Values’.  Here the Year 6 mathematicians were given a set of letters and numbers and working through the ‘equations’ they had to allocate the letters values.

The next challenge was called ‘24!’ The pupils had to make 24 using all the four values provided. They were allowed to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

The final challenge was ‘The Big Event’.   Here the teams had to try to solve a question and then write their answer on the Answer Template.   A runner from the team took the Answer Template to the Marker who was only allowed to tell them if it is completely correct, or wrong. If the answer was correct the team were given the next question by the Marker, if wrong they had one more chance to solve it before moving on.

Once the totals had been calculated and prizes awarded the pupils then went to enjoy a sumptuous tea in the school dining hall before leaving Mowden.

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