“Light in the Tunnel” – Play Rehearsals

As the second exeat of term approaches, the cast and director of the year 8 play, Light in the Tunnel – to be performed in the Mowden theatre on Thursday, 22nd October at 7.00pm –  thought you might like to know what has been going on in rehearsals and also how the play came into being. Themes of light and darkness were discussed in both English and Drama lessons during the last two weeks of the summer term, with the focus on the significance of light and darkness, as they relate to the physical and spiritual levels of our world, reinforced with literary allusions along the way. 

Soon, a story emerged of four siblings exploring on the Rothbury moors in the dusk of an October evening and looking for a disused mine as part of their adventure. Joan, the youngest child, discovers a tunnel, which leads the four underground into total darkness until, by chance, they come upon light, belonging to a place known as the Halfway House, a zone in time and space existing midway between their own world and other galaxies, light years away. Using the morality play idea of the good and bad angels, the quartet are met first by Bonny and her sister sentinel, Verity – the good guys – who explain that the children have been chosen by fate to represent the forces of goodness in the battle against evil and the dark. Bad angel, Varangian turns up with his lackey, Cringe and sets out to intimidate and to bully. Between them the good and bad guys explain that the children have been set three tasks: firstly, they must go to the Old English Room, inhabited by the sinister Miss Havisham, and try to solve puzzles relating to English literature; if successful, they must next proceed to the Comedy Room, hosted by the Prime Minister of mirth, George Robey and Stan the Straight Man, where they will be required to provide their own comedic improvised theme upon a subject chosen at random; finally, if they pass that test, the children move on to the threatening Bridge of Death where they will be met by the Keeper of the Bridge.

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