Learning Support

Mowden has a long tradition of inclusivity and is committed to accepting children with a wide range of abilities and learning needs. Staff, parents and children work together to find and build on the strengths of each individual child and to help that child to realise their full potential in an environment that is both secure and stimulating.

Mowden is an inclusive school. It does not have an entrance examination. There is a strong tradition of academic success and the school aims to ensure all children can fulfil their potential. Class sizes are small at Mowden, enabling all teaching staff to support and encourage pupils with various degrees of individual learning difficulties across the curriculum, in every year group. The Special Educational Needs Department works to ensure any child with a Special Educational Need are fully integrated into the mainstream school.

Staff will endeavour to identify pupils with Special Educational Needs as soon as possible. Early intervention is essential. Pupils admitted to the school with an identified Special Educational Need or those identified whilst attending Mowden, will be placed on the School’s Special Educational Needs list.

We recommend that pupils who have been identified as needing additional specialist tuition attend lessons with a specially qualified member of staff. Each lesson will be tailored to the individual pupil and their specific needs. Some may follow a multi-sensory, structured programme to develop their literacy skills; others may focus on developing key skills. Special Educational Needs tuition is planned and differentiated according to an individual’s development and requirements.  Lessons emphasise the need for the child to fully engage with their own learning through a gradual understanding of their strengths as well as self-confidence, self-esteem and a greater enjoyment in the pleasure of learning success.

The Special Educational Needs department provides support to colleagues with issues pertaining to individual pupil requirements, and offers in-service training. When necessary, the department will liaise with outside agencies to supply unique intervention.

We advise parents of children with Special Educational Needs to discuss their child’s requirements with us during their initial visit to ensure that appropriate support is available and that their needs can be fully supported in the child’s best interests.

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