Latin & Classics

Welcome to the Classics Department

Children at Mowden Hall School begin to study Latin at the beginning of Year Five, using ‘So You Really Want To Learn Latin – Prep’ as the main course book. The aim for this first year is to cover the first three chapters of book I, in addition to looking at a number of stories from Greek mythology. Two x 35 minute lessons are allocated at this stage.

The remaining chapters of book I are tackled in Year Six, thus completing the Common Entrance level I syllabus. Weekly vocabulary tests are introduced at this stage and English derivations are discussed at length. In addition to the three lessons each week, one prep per week of 25 minutes duration helps to consolidate the material encountered in the classroom.

Although Year Seven studies are interrupted by a term away at Sauveterre, the target for those children in 7H is to complete the first six chapters of book II whereas those in 7S will consolidate the x level material then proceed at a pace more suited to their ability level; the level I vocabulary learned in Year Six is revised and the level II words are then committed to memory. Four lessons per week are available at this stage, in addition to one 30 minute prep per week.  The children in 7H also have the opportunity to study Ancient Greek, using Kristian Waite’s ‘A New Guide For Beginners’.  Two lessons a week are allocated and it is hoped to complete the CE level I syllabus before Common Entrance examinations.

Children continue to be split into two streams at the start of Year Eight. Potential academic scholarship candidates, who generally sit their examinations in February or May, are placed in 8W, and complete book II and book III of the Latin Prep course; those pupils who need to sit CE level III in June are also included in this group. Level I and II vocabulary is revised and level III and scholarship words added. Four lessons per week are available to this group. Greek continues for those in 8W. Scholarship candidates who take their examinations in February subsequently follow a paralinguistic course, looking closely at topics such as Pompeii, Gladiators, Julius Caesar and the Roman Army. The lower group complete book II and sit CE at level II in June; these children also have four lessons allocated per week. One prep session of 30 minutes per week continues to enhance the educational experience of the children at this level.

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