Fettes College Orchestral Day

Ten musical Mowdenians set off for Edinburgh early on Friday morning to attend the Prep Schools Orchestral Day, organised and hosted by Fettes College. Alongside Mowden, there were over 130 children playing from schools across Scotland. The morning was spent rehearsing the four pieces that were to be performed at 6.00pm the same day; Great Movie Themes from Star Wars, Jurassic Park and E.T. were rolled into a medley, followed by La Rejouissance, from Handel’s Royal Fireworks music. The third work was a medley of British tunes “Best of Britain” featuring old favourites from all across the British Isles. After a good lunch there was another full rehearsal before everyone went outside to try some team-building activities laid on by College staff. There was time for a delicious meal before a final short practice and a group photo on the steps of the College. The concert was very well attended by parents and friends and all went very smoothly and surprisingly tunefully. Our thanks go to Fettes for their great hospitality and effort to make this such a beneficial occasion.

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