English trip to Edinburgh for Year 6

The A-Z Edinburgh Collection provided the perfect catalyst for our Art/ English Year 6 project this term: ‘Collections’. The children’s problem solving, fact-finding and observational skills were put to the test thoroughly by the ‘Detail Detective’ trails; the aim being not just to look, but to see .

‘J is for Junk’  offered an appreciation of the creativity of the children in the poorer areas of London in the 1900s, who were able to make toys from discarded junk in the slums of East London; this will lead to a more in depth study in art lessons this term.

‘I is for Ink’ provided the opportunity for some thinking, and a burgeoning appreciation of the difference between the printing press and the computer.

After a collective lunchtime we met in front of ‘T is for Tourism’  to appreciate Mrs Guthrie’s doll collection.  Inspired by Ingrid, who comes from Sweden, and Mrs Guthrie’s creation of hand-made books about each doll, the children sought out their own object, upon which to base their own short stories.  

Watch this space for their own published collection; initial ideas include Victorian tills; time-travelling bicycles; chocolate shop windows and underpants and umbrellas.  

The children are in the process of creating their own books, in which they will publish their own stories. There will be an exhibition of their art work and English writing on World Book Day, next term.

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