End of Term events at Sauveterre

The end of the Sauveterre term has been full of excitements, trips, events and shows. One class was invited to talk on a local radio station about their time at Sauveterre, in French in a live broadcast! They did extremely well and we all enjoyed listening to them. Flora and Cayetana represented Mowden. Many brave campers stayed out on Saturday night in sleeping bags in the woods and had fun but got pretty cold! The Rock and drum concert on Sunday was followed by the second Music Pupils’ concert on Monday, which included the choir and individual singers. The form plays were performed on Monday evening and were enormous fun to watch. Les Verts opened the show with a lovely “saynète” about vegetables and where they end up. On Monday morning, we all went to look round the Foire Agricole at Samatan market then had some time to spend any left-over pocket money – on presents for home maybe?! Packing on Tuesday and home on Wednesday!

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