Early March at Sauveterre

The weather has been superb this first week in March, so we have tried to get out as much as possible. On Wednesday, a group went into a forest near the Pyrenees, where they studied animal traces and ant colonies. We found an enormous red ant nest coming to life in the spring warmth; it was huge and seething. The guide showed how the ants can be caught and eaten, giving off a strong scent of formic acid. Many of us tried fresh red ant for our goûter, which made an interesting change from frogs and snails for us! Another group went to the Airbus construction site at Blagnac to see the A380 planes being built. On Friday a group did a “Jeu de Piste” which involved finding answers to clues in French hidden all around the Chateau grounds.
This weekend there are many Mowdenians staying with French families in Toulouse or hosting French children back at the château. This means a Saturday trip to the market for some. Meanwhile, the French language is gradually getting easier and term is moving along very quickly. Saturday afternoon is being spent at the 10 pin bowling centre near Toulouse.

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