Cothill House Choir Visit

On 22nd and 23rd June 2015 the Mowden Choir teamed up once again with their Cothill House counterparts, this time performing two concerts on ‘home turf’.  Following weeks of separate preparation, and a couple of joint rehearsals after the visitors’ arrival in Northumberland, the combined choirs (about 70 singers in total) delighted audiences in performances at Capheaton Hall and Hexham Abbey.  The varied programme of music by English composers, including works by John Ireland, Vaughan Williams and John Rutter, inspired some lyrical and spirited singing, and featured musicians from each school in some superb solos, both vocal and instrumental.

It was a pleasure to renew the partnership with Mr Howell, Mr Taylor and Miss Andrews and their choristers, and to be able to return a little of the hospitality the Baileys and all at Cothill extended to the Mowden Choir nearly two years ago.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising the event, and we are especially grateful to the Browne-Swinburnes at Capheaton Hall and the staff at Hexham Abbey for giving the two choirs the opportunity to perform in such wonderful venues.

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