End of Term events at Sauveterre

The end of the Sauveterre term has been full of excitements, trips, events and shows. One class was invited to talk on a local...   Read More

Last weekend at Sauveterre

The exams are over and we are enjoying the most wonderful spring weather to make the most of our last few days in south...   Read More

Sauveterre visit to La Ferme des Balances

One of the very top, favourite trips at Sauveterre is, maybe surprisingly to some , the visit to the Ferme Pédagogique des Balances in the...   Read More

Early March at Sauveterre

The weather has been superb this first week in March, so we have tried to get out as much as possible. On Wednesday, a...   Read More

A Day in Toulouse

The Sauveterriens all boarded a bus to spend a day in Toulouse on Wednesday. They walked round a circuit near the centre of the...   Read More

Sauveterre Ski Week in the Pyrenees

The Sauveterriens have returned from a magnificent week of snow and sun at Baqueira-Beret in the Spanish Pyrenees, staying in a large, comfortable hotel...   Read More

Sauveterre v Lombez Handball Tournament

On Wednesday, Monsieur Pujol invited Sauveterre children to play handball against some of his local Under 11 players in the Lombez Sports Centre. Each...   Read More

Boulangerie and T.F.C. football

Over the fourth weekend, those not going out with their parents had lots of opportunities to try new things at Sauveterre. On Friday, a...   Read More

Week 3 at Chateau de Sauveterre

On the third weekend at Sauveterre, many families came out to take their Sauveterrien children out for the weekend and, as a extra surprise,...   Read More

Sauveterre visit to Musée de l’Ecole

The Wednesday trip this week was to the Museum of the French “Ecole Primaire,” in St Clar, where we saw how rural French children...   Read More

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