Second Music and Speech Workshop

On June 23rd the Music and Drama departments presented our second workshop of the term. The Year 5s opened the concert with a confident...   Read More

Mowden Hall Summer Fete

The Mowden Fete was held on one of the sunniest days in recent years and with such ideal weather, all the events planned for...   Read More

Year 4 Production

Year 4 Show Before school broke up for half term, Year 4 entertained their parents and fellow pupils with a show of poetry and drama that...   Read More

“Romeo and Juliet” at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham

Romeo and Juliet at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham with the Oddsocks Theatre Company A great time was had by all last night when Year...   Read More

Music Workshop

Term broke for the first exeat with a wonderful concert, featuring a large number of younger members of the prep school, playing their individual instruments....   Read More

End of Term events at Sauveterre

The end of the Sauveterre term has been full of excitements, trips, events and shows. One class was invited to talk on a local...   Read More

Year 5 Perform Frantic Fairytale Land

Frantic Fairytale Land Frantic Fairytale Land, performed by Year 5, entertained a packed theatre who thoroughly enjoyed the lively, fast moving, and at times...   Read More

St Andrew’s Church Spring Concert 2017

St Andrew’s Church Spring Concert On Tuesday 14th March, thirteen Y8 Choir members, driven by Mr Fowlds and accompanied by Miss Serbrock, ventured into...   Read More

Humperdinck’s opera ‘Hansel and Gretel’ given by Opera North

Humperdinck’s opera ‘Hansel and Gretel’ given by Opera North On Thursday March 2nd a group of Year 6 children went to the Theatre Royal in...   Read More

Year 6 Play Rehersals

The Year 6 Play The Year 6 play presents four stories from the north of England: an enduring legend, ‘The Dirty Bottles’ from Alnwick; ‘The Tailor...   Read More

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