Welcome to the Mowden Hall Science Department


The Science department at Mowden Hall has two dedicated and well-equipped teaching laboratories. One lab is dedicated to the teaching of biology and the other functions as a chemistry and physics investigation suite. Students also have access to the school’s ICT room which is equipped with the latest in computer and Interactive Whiteboard technology.


The course of study follows the Common Entrance curriculum for science and students are prepared for their Common Entrance Exams at the end of Year 8. Preparation for Academic Scholarship exams and specific school entry exams can also be accommodated.


Science is taught with an emphasis on the development of investigative skills to help young people explore the world around them. Much use is made of the extensive grounds of the Mowden Hall School to emphasise the “living classroom” experience. Open days are held on a regular basis where those visiting get an opportunity to develop an early interest in science. The goal of the science department is to encourage a child’s natural curiosity while developing the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense of the world.

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