Monthly Archives: February 2019

Year 5 Trip to Shipley Gallery

Year 5 enjoyed the most fantastic day courtesy of the Shipley Gallery in Gateshead yesterday. The pupils spent the morning exploring the gallery discovering...   Read More

Northumberland & Durham CA Reading Competition

Several Year 5 students were due to take part in the Northumberland & Durham CA Reading Competition on 2nd February, but snowy conditions sadly...   Read More

When the Royal Tea Taster Met The Royal Tea Maker

Tea fever has struck Year 4 and 5 this term. Using ‘The Cloud Tea Monkeys’ (by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham) as our inspiration,...   Read More

Screen Time?

Once again the issue of electronics and young children has reached the headlines. I feel very strongly that research into this area must be...   Read More

Year 2 Trip To The Discovery Museum 2019

Year 2 enjoyed their first trip of the Spring Term to the Discovery Museum. The children know lots about the Great Fire of London,...   Read More

Maths Trail

Last week saw the first ever Maths Trail or did we really mean Maths trial, in the Pre-Prep. Year 3, their parents and friends...   Read More

Mrs Knight’s Mowden Manners

Perfecting our table manners are an important part of Mowden Hall Pre-Prep. In the media there is much evidence of the necessity to feed...   Read More

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